Individually, our team members and high-profile advisors have been featured in numerous national and international capital projects in the entire region of Western Balkans and EU countries.

Our approach is based on the passion & loyalty, entrepreneurial spirit & thinking outside of the box.

We’re all about performance-driven content, helping brands to communicate and position more effectively, with an insightful strategy and powerful storytelling.

Research Diligently Think Strategically Plan Impactfully
Budget Efficiently Executive Effectively Organize Collaborations
Generate Awareness Monitor Continually Report Transparently

Realm of integrated communication is ensured through work we can do for you:

  • development of communication strategies, plans and messaging;
  • digital & social media strategy
  • planning, execution and delivery of the bespoke and integrated PR;
  • internal communications
  • crisis communications
  • media outreach;
  • news creation & generation;
  • coaching clients through demanding needs of the media;
  • media pitching and meetings;
  • organization of press trips & press launches that showcase client’s products
  • brand development & strategy
  • brand launches
  • sponsorship consultancy
  • tailor made concepts;
  • full event development & process management
  • third party endorsement to create engage target audience;
  • smart creative thinking to leverage brand
  • programming and project proposal writing;
  • campaign management and coordination;
  • effective and engaging websites and web apps;
  • app design development;
  • social media management including digital marketing and SEO services
  • development of eye catching and engaging content that bring story to life and engage with target audience